Working tirelessly for the underprivileged section, improving lives.


Our Events

We mark every occasion and celebrations with activities and games. We ensure our spirits high and learn from each experience. We love exploring new avenues to visit and learn from.


Gyanopedia - Quiz | 2nd September 2022

Picking the young mind. Periodically we host our theme-based quizzes. These are unique in the way we organize them. Students from different schools are invited and the hosts themselves are students. This is an event, by the students, for the students, and of the students.


Teacher's Day

When the teachers become the audience. This is a special day for our entire staff. It's time for the teachers to take the back seat and enjoy the entertainment rehearsed by the students. Such events show how much our students admire their teachers.


Excursions | Nehru Planetarium & Science Museum

For a wholesome experience, we ensure our students are exposed to what is out in the world – education, entertainment and recreation. We believe in the overall development of every child.


Eid Celebration 2022 | 3rd May

With the moonlight touching our landscape, the call for celebrations resound all cities. Let’s all gather around to share Biryani and Sewai. Continue our love and care for each other.


Happy Holi 2022 | 18th March

Among the first celebrations as we recover from the pandemic, let’s paint the wall with love, care and companionship. For all the different colors of life, let’s celebrate this time.


Miss Sui Dhaaga Contest | 8th March 2022

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our fashion shows are about legendary designers. Designers from Sui Dhaaga created a wardrobe of clothing showcasing their ideas, aspirations and ambitions!


Vasant Panchami | 5th Feb 2022

The best time of the year has arrived with the weather moderating itself and we can let go of our clothing weighing us down. Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom guide us in our aspirations towards both knowledge and education! May the light shine on all of us.


Happy Republic Day | 26th Jan 2022

Celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the single most important piece of documental compilation of our great republic. All of modern India's glory comes from its people, the constitution of India empowers its citizenry with rights and liberties, the spirit of which has lasted with the ancestry forever. Our constitution reminds us to be scientific, forward-looking and aspirational to strive perpetually for greater equity and progress. Constitution is the spirit of India.


New Year Celebration 2022

This year has leapfrogged all of us to using technology to facilitate our daily lives. Let's take our new knowledge, passion and aspiration and rocket into 2022!


Singing Competition | 24th Dec 2021

We sing our troubles away as we march into 2022.


Vihaan - Annual Art Competition | 2nd October 2021

In troubling times of the world, these kids carry many serene worlds within them. Few of which are manifested in these sketches.


Drawing Competition at DTU | 5th November 2021

Children made some masterpiece of Arts. Abhivyakti, Kalakriti DTU - The Creative Arts Society


Viscadia Visit to Gyankunj | 30th June 2019

It was an excellent experience for the students who appreciate the interest and encouragement by professional companies like Viscadia.


Financial Literacy Workshops | 28th May 2022

Unfortunately, financial literacy gets poor reception under the conventional education. While the ultimate practical goal of formal education has been financial independence. Let’s get more financially aware.


Gyankunj Protsahan Scholarships | 14th June 2022

Extending financial support to less fortunate students with our scholarship programs.


Dental Camp at Dr. Subba’s Clinic | 6th July 2022

Our teeth are guardians, standing shoulder to shoulder grinding everything that’s thrown at them. At this training session we were taught to take care of these soldiers. A huge thanks to both Dr. Neelam and Dr. Prithvi from Dr. Subba's Dental Clinic, Janakpuri Delhi.


Sonali Dev, AIR 41, CSE 2021 | 23rd June 2022

We are very grateful to have Sonali Dev to spare her time for a session at Gyankunj. It was very detailed and informative, most importantly it’s an inspirational journey. One which has only begun! Consistent hard work is the essential feature of success. Consistency here is often more important than hard work. Give it your all!

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